Q1.11: Miscellaneous Software and Resources.

Speech Interface Standards: APIs etc

* ASAPI: Advanced Speech API (AT&T)
* SAPI: Microsoft Windows Speech API
* SRAPI: Speech Recognition API
* TAPI: Microsoft Windows Telephony API

Network "Phone" Software

* CUSeeMe
* CyberPhone
* DigiPhone
* InterFACE from Hijinx
* FAQ: How can I use the Internet as a telephone?
* Nautilus: Secure Computer Telephony
* NEVOT (1.4v) from AT&T BL
* PGPfone
* Speak Freely
* Internet Phone from VocalTec
* WebPhone
* WebTalk

Audio Processing Software

* AF version AF3R1
* Voice E-Mail from Bonzi Software
* MicNotePad Recording Software for Macs
* MixViews
* Network Audio System Release 1.1
* NIST Software - SPHERE and SCORE
* Sound Processing Kit
* TCPplay

Human Audio Perception

Other useful information on Auditory Modeling can be found in

Malcolm Slaney's home page
Martin Cooke's home page
Speech and Hearing Research Group, Dept of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK.
* Auditory Modeller 1
* Auditory Modeller 2
* Auditory Toolbox for Matlab
* Human Audio Perception Document

Dictionaries and other Lexical Tools

* BEEP dictionary
* CMU dictionary
* CUVOLAD dictionary (Oxford Dictionary)
* Comprehensive Word List
* EAT: Edinburgh Associative Thesaurus
* Homophone List
* Moby Lexical Resources
* MRC Psycholinguistic Database
* WordNet
* Dictionaries on the WWW

Phonetic Fonts and Phonetic Samples

* International Phonetic Alphabet
* WWW: Phonetic Fonts and Examples Online
* Summer Institute of Linguistics IPA Fonts
* Phonetic Fonts for TeX and LaTeX
* Yamada Language Center

Subjective Evaluation of Speech Quality

Dynastat, Inc.
Speech Intelligibility Testing with Diagnostic Rhyme Test (DRT), Modified Rhyme Test (MRT), Phonetically Balanced Word Lists (PB), Diagnostic Medial Consonant Test (DMCT), Diagnostic Alliteration Test (DALT), ICAO Spelling Alphabet Test (SpAT)
Speech Quality (Acceptability) Evaluation with Diagnostic Acceptability Measure (DAM), Mean Opinion Score (MOS), Degredation Mean Opinion Score (DMOS)
Contact: Dynastat, Inc.
2704 Rio Grande, Suite 4, Austin, TX 78705, USA
Ph: +1-512-476-4797, Fax: 512/472-2883
Email: sharpley@dynastat.com
WWW: http://www.bga.com/dynastat/
ANSI S3.2-1989: American National Standard for Measuring the Intelligibility of Speech Over Connunication Systems
Available from American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Ph: +1-212-642-4900, Fax: +1-212-398-0023
WWW: http://www.ansi.org/
Louis Pols' List of References on Synthesis Development And Assessment
700 references: http://www.itl.atr.co.jp/cocosda/output/synth.refs

Very Miscellaneous

* The vOICe
* The Learning Company's Language Training
* Wildfire - an Electronic Assistant

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