Q1.4: Related newsgroups and mailing lists.


comp.ai - Artificial Intelligence newsgroup.
Postings on general AI issues, language processing and AI techniques. The comp.ai FAQ covers NLP, NN and other AI information.

comp.ai.nat-lang - Natural Language Processing Group
Postings regarding Natural Language Processing. Set up to cover a broard range of related issues and different viewpoints. A comp.ai.nat-lang FAQ posting is available.

comp.ai.nlang-know-rep - Natural Language Knowledge Representation
Moderated group.

comp.ai.neural-nets - discussion of Neural Networks and related issues.
There are often posting on speech related matters - phonetic recognition, connectionist grammars and so on. A comp.ai.neural-nets FAQ posting is available.

comp.compression - occasional articles on compression of speech.
The comp.compression FAQ has some info on audio compression standards.

comp.dcom.telecom - Telecommunications newsgroup.
Has occasional articles on voice products.

comp.dsp - discussion of signal processing - hardware and algorithms and more.
Has a good FAQ posting which is also available on the WWW and by ftp (addresses below). Has a regular posting of a comprehensive list of Audio File Formats.

comp.multimedia - Multi-Media discussion group.
Has occasional articles on voice I/O.

sci.lang - Language.
Discussion about phonetics, phonology, grammar, etymology and lots more. A sci.lang FAQ is available.

Some discussion of speech production & perception.

alt.binaries.sounds.* - posting and discussion of sound samples.

Mailing Lists

Voice-Users Mailing List
For discussion of any aspect of using voice recognition systems. To subscribe fill out the web-based subscription form
Posts to the list should go to: voice-users@voicerecognition.com
News about language, speech, logic and information.
Email: colibri@let.ruu.nl
WWW: http://colibri.let.ruu.nl/
ECTL - Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe
Founder & Moderator: David Leip. Moderated mailing list for researchers with interests in computer speech interfaces. This list serves a broad community including persons from signal processing, AI, linguistics and human factors. To subscribe, send your name, institute, department, daytime phone and email address to:The ECTL archive site is
Prosody Mailing List
Unmoderated mailing list for discussion of prosody. The aim is to facilitate the spread of information relating to the research of prosody by creating a network of researchers in the field. If you want to participate, send the following one-line message to
A moderated monthly newsletter distributed by e-mail. It carries job advertisements, notices of conferences, and other news of general interest to phoneticians, speech scientists and others. The editors are Linda Shockey and Gerry Docherty. To subscribe send the following 1 line message to
Digital Mobile Radio
Covers lots of areas include some speech topics including speech coding and speech compression. Mail Peter Decker dec@dfv.rwth-aachen.de to subscribe.

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