Q1.10: Speech Research Sites

Rather than try to list the places round the world which perform speech research this FAQ lists sites on the WWW where other comprehensive lists are maintained. Try the following:

Shikano's WWW site on Speech and Acoustics
Lists of speech research sites by country. Currently includes around 100 sites. The list of Japanese sites is particularly comprehensive.
Mambo Speech Research List
Lists about 50 speech research sites and related information sources. Very nice presentation!
ESCA: European Speech Communication Association
Links to around 15 European speech research sites and around 15 related sources of information.
Institute for Perception Research: Speech on the Web
Jan Roelof de Pijper at the Institute for Perception Research has a long list of research sites plus links to lots of other speech material on the WWW.
Russ Wilcox's list of Commercial Speech Recognition
Links to information on speech technology vendors, speech research labs, speech resources, on-line demos and more.
Speech Groups List: Leeds University Cognitive Psychology Research Group
List of about 25 research sites.
Institute of Phonetic Sciences, Amsterdam
Good list of European sites.
Speech and Hearing Research Group, University of Sheffield, UK
Links to sites in the UK, USA, Europe and the rest of the world.
Duncan M. Forrest's Speech Recognition Resource List

Most speech research sites have links to other speech research sites somewhere in their WWW pages.

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