Q1.2: comp.speech ftp site

Tony Robinson maintains the comp.speech ftp site. The ftp site is a comprehensive repository of software and information related to speech technology. The site is

Comp.speech Archives

The comp.speech ftp site provides full archives of the comp.speech newsgroup dating back to the creation of the group in 1991. The postings are stored in the order in which they arrive. Batches of 1000 articles are grouped into gzip'ed tar file. Matching files listing the subjects are also provided.

Software and Other Resources

The comp.speech ftp site includes a wide range of useful software and resources. Tony has arranged it into a series of sub-directories:

/analysis : Speech analysis software
FFT code, a pitch tracker, RASTA code, and IEEE DSP code.

/auditory : Auditory model software
AIM, Auditory Toolbox and Lutear.

/coding : Speech coding software
ADPCM, CELP 3.2a, G711, G721, G723, GSM, LDCELP, LPC10, Shorten.

/data : Repository for (small) speech-related databases
BEEP, CMUDict, Homophone list, hVd database, Peterson Barney database

/dictionaries : Phonetic dictionaries
BEEP, CMUDict, CUVOALD, Homophone list, MRC database

/info : Key postings to comp.speech archives by subject
Lots of interesting info!

/recognition : Speech recognition software
AbbotDemo, Ears, Lotec, recnet, sound blaster recognition, whistle

/simtel_sound : Mirror of the simtel/msdos/sound directory
Range of useful software

/simtel_voice : Mirror of the simtel/msdos/voice directory
Another range of useful software

/synthesis : Speech synthesis software
Klatt synthesis software, Klatt parameter editor and rsynth.

/tools : Miscelaneous tools
Part-of-speech tagger, OGI speech tools, sox audio file format conversion, SPHERE software and more.

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