Q1.9: Speech Laboratory Environments and Audio Editors

First, what is a Speech Laboratory Environment? A speech lab is a software package which provides the capability of recording, playing, analysing, processing, displaying and storing speech. Your computer will require audio input/output capability. The different packages vary greatly in features and capability - best to know what you want before you start looking around.

Most general purpose audio editing packages will be able to process speech but do not necessarily have some specialised capabilities for speech (e.g. formant analysis).

The following article provides a good survey.

The following is a list of the speech labs described in the FAQ.

* CSRE: Computerized Speech Research Environment
* DADiSP from DSP Development Corporation
* Entropic Signal Processing System (ESPS) and Waves
* GoldWave
* Kay Elemetrics Computer Speech Lab
* Khoros
* Matlab plus Signal Processing Toolbox
* MacSpeech Lab II
* N!Power
* OGI Speech Tools
* Ptolemy
* Quadravox Speech Processing Products - Qbox
* Speech Filing System (SFS)
* Signalyze 3.0 from InfoSignal
* SoundScope

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