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Research Staff

Current Research Staff:


  • Dr Gilles Degottex [ex Research Fellow] HQSTS (EU funded Marie Curie Fellowship)
  • Dr Andrey Malinin, Shifts Challenge [ex Research Associate]
  • Dr Anton Ragni, University of Sheffield [ex Senior Research Associate]
  • Dr Yu Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) [ex Senior Research Associate]
  • Dr Xixin Wu CUHK [ex Research Associate]

PhD Research Students

Current Research Students:

Former Research Students:

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in Spoken Language Processing contact Mark Gales.


Undergraduate/MPhil Students

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Undergraduate Students (2020-21):

  • Yassir Fathullah: Uncertainty and ensemble distillation for sequence data
  • Sanchit Gandhi: Interpretability for deep learning
  • Tianxiang Guo: Cross-language information retrieval
  • Shangyi Lim: Interpretability for deep learning
  • Matt Song: Speech chain models for low-resource speech processing
  • Guoxuan Xia: Ensemble distribution distillation

Undergraduate Students (2019-20) [Technical Advice, Sabbtical Leave]:

  • Adian Liusie: Spoken "Grammatical" Error Detaction and Correction
  • Vatsal Raina: Off-Topic Response Detection
  • Vyas Raina: Neural Assessment and Adversarial Attacks
  • Ollie Rose: Uncertainty in Speech and Language Processing

MPhil Students (2018-19):

  • Aleco Kastanos: Confidence Scores for ASR

Undergraduate Students (2018-19):

  • Raf Schmetterling: Efficient Waveform Level Synthesis
  • Josh Efiong: Integrated Synthesis Context Generation
  • Xanda Bailey: Distant Speech Recognition
  • John Hughes: Automatic Lecture Captioning
  • Ben Merrett: Uncertainty for Structured Data
  • Potsawee Manakul: Spoken Language Error Detection

MPhil Students (2017-18):

  • Marco del Vecchio: Uncertainty for Deep Learning

Undergraduate Students (2017-18):

  • Jacques Elliott: Distant Speech Recognition
  • Eric Li: Confidence Scores for Speech Processing
  • Edie Lu: Latent Variable Model for Speech Synthesis
  • Zoe Ma: Waveform Level Speech Synthesis
  • Yichen Yang: Deep Learning For Language Modelling

MPhil Students (2016-17):

  • Oscar Chen: "Memory Networks" for Language Modelling
  • Qingyun Dou: Waveform Level Synthesis
  • Mara Graziani: Improved Interpretability and Generalisation for Deep Learning

Reading Club

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Contact Information

Mark Gales
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Engineering Department Email mjfg@eng.cam.ac.uk
Trumpington Street, Cambridge Tel: +44 1223 332733
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