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PhD Graduates

Name Dates  Topic
Andy Hewett 84-87 Speaker Adaptation
David Rainton 86-89 Nonstationary Speech Analysis
Helen Purchase 87-90 Knowledge-based CAL
Karim Lari 87-89 Grammatical Inference
Georges Wong 88-91 ASR using Discrete HMMs
Val Beattie  88-91 Speech Recognition in Noise
Stephen MacDonell 90-93 Software Engineering
Hsue Hueh Shih 90-93 Grammatical Inference
Valtcho Valtchev  90-94 Discriminative Training of HMMs
Sadik Kapadia 90-93 Discriminative Training of HMMs
Nick Waegner 90-93 Language Models & Inference
Juan Nolasco Flores 91-94 Noise Compensation in HMMs
Ferdinand Samaria 91-94 Face Recognition using HMMs
Mark Gales 91-94 Noise Compensation in HMMs
David James 91-94 Spoken Document Retrieval
Julian Odell 92-95 Large Vocabulary ASR
Simon Blackburn 93-96 Articulatory Modelling
Silke Witt 96-99 ASR for Language Learning
Harriet Nock 96-01 Pronunciation Modelling
Andy Tuerk  97-01 Speaker Rate Modelling in HMMs
Gareth Moore 97-01 Language Modelling
Konrad Scheffler 98-02 Statistical Dialogue Modelling
Yulan He 01-04 Semantic Processing
Hui Ye 01-05 Voice Conversion
Jason Williams 02-06 Statistical Dialogue Modelling
Vidura Seneviratne 04-07 Language Modelling
Jost Schatzmann 05-08 Statistical User Simulation
Arantza del Pozo 05-08 Voice Transformation
Zeynep Inanoglu 05-08 Emotion Synthesis
Blaise Thomson 07-10 Statistical Dialogue Modelling
Milica Gasic 07-11 Statistical Dialogue Modelling
Matt Henderson 11-14 Discriminative Belief Tracking
Nikola Mrksic 14-17 Neural Belief Tracking
Pei-Hao (Eddy) Su 14-17 Neural Dialogue Management
Tsung-Hsien (Shawn) Wen 14-17 Neural Natural Language Generation