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Speech Applications Project
The Speech Applications Project at Sun Microsystems Laboratories (Chelmsford, Massachusetts) focuses on tools for building speech applications, management of spoken language discourse, prototype application development, and the definition of effective speech user interfaces. The project team has built an experimental framework for speech applications, called SpeechActs.
Signal Processing and Interpretation Lab at Boston University
"It's not just what you say, but also how you say it." Research on general problems of signal recognition, compression and generation, but the current research focus of the lab is on speech and language processing applications. The general goal is to improve computer understanding and generation of speech/language for a variety of applications from speech transcription to human-computer interaction by voice.
Fourth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing
ICSLP'96 will be held in the Wyndham Franklin Plaza in Philadelphia from October 3-6, 1996. It will bring together engineers, linguists, psychologists, clinicians, manufacturers, and anyone with an interest in research and development of spoken language processing by both humans and machines.
SpeechTEK '97 Conference and Exhibition
The SpeechTEK '97 Conference and Exhibition provides a marketplace for speech technology buyers and sellers.
The New York Hilton and Towers
1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York City
Conference: Sept 30 - Oct 1, 1997
Institute for Signal and Information Processing (ISIP)
Multidisciplinary program to develop next generation information processing techniques drawing upon a wide range of research experience in areas such as signal processing, communications, natural language, database query, intelligent systems, and discrete controls.
Verbmobil is a long-term project which aims "to give Germany an international top position in language technology and its economical application in the next millenium by cooperation and concentration of as many as possible specialists from industry and science. The long-sighted aim is the development of a mobile translation system for the translation of spontaneous speech in face-to-face situations."
Consortium for Lexical Research
An Archive of Sharable Natural Language Resources including machine-readable dictionaries and other lexical resources.
Computation and Language E-Print Archive
A fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for papers on computational linguistics, natural-language processing, speech processing, and related fields.
Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
HPSG home page at the Ohio State University offers current information relating to various aspects of the grammar formalism and linguistic theory of HPSG.
Real-time Visual Displays for Professional Voice Developmen
Department of Electronics, York University, England. Papers, reports and thesis on the analysis and tuition of speech and singing, for developing voice users, including methods such as speech visualization. Includes source code and a binary executable for a real time wide band spectrogram on SGIs.
VMB/60: Voice Message Bank
A solid state record-and-playback device that attaches to the modular handset connector of a telephone. It serves as a one-minute "voice processor".
From A&B Design
140 San Lazaro Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
Ph: +1-408-749-8037, Fax: 408-749-8038
E-Mail: vmb60@best.com
WWW: http://www.best.com:80/~vmb60/

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