comp.speech FAQ/WWW

The comp.speech FAQ is available in two forms: text for posting to newsgroup and availability by ftp, and HTML for the WWW. The original was the text version, and since September 1994 both WWW and text versions have been supported. The WWW version is now the master version.

WWW Availability

The WWW version of the comp.speech FAQ is mirrored at a number of web sites.

Australia: Sydney University
Britain: Cambridge University
Japan: ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories
USA: Carnegie Mellon University

Text Version on the WWW

The three parts of the text version are available on this WWW site:

Part 1 - General information
Part 2 - Signal Processing, Coding and NLP
Part 3 - Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition

Text by Anonymous ftp

The text version is available by anonymous ftp from:

comp.speech ftp server
RTFM server

Text by email

Finally, the text version can be obtained by sending email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the following line in the body of the message:

send usenet/news.answers/comp-speech-faq/*

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