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Stradview Overview

Stradview was developed from Stradwin, which is a tool for freehand 3D ultrasound recording and visualisation. Stradwin is also a useful tool for visualisation from 3D medical data of any sort. It can load most types of DICOM data or image sequences, and produce very high quality surface models which can also be turned into movies using scripts. It can also be used for cortical bone mapping from DICOM CT data.

screenshot_3_small.png (other screenshots available here.)

The ultrasound video and position sensor recording facilities in Stradwin were very difficult to support, requiring diverse drivers for different hardware, much of which was not available, but all of which needed maintaining. Hence Stradview was created, which contains all the visualisation and analysis tools in Stradwin, but does not support recording of ultrasound nor position data. This also makes it more streamlined as a visualisation tool.

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