The Slice Window

This window displays a slice through the data along the currently chosen slice plane. The plane may be specified using the `Preview' window. It is not necessary to record the ultrasound data in order to build up a slice using this window. The image is gradually constructed as the probe is moved across the region of interest. Click the left mouse button in the window to clear the image.

There is a slider to control the width of gaps that will be filled-in perpendicular to each scan plane. This should be set to the approximate width of the ultrasound beam. The image does not depend strongly on this parameter. If the width is set too narrow then some gaps will wrongly remain unfilled. If it is set too wide then the algorithm will be slowed down unnecessarily. Too great a beam width will never cause image distortions (except beyond the edges of the recorded area).

There is a `Pause' toggle button which will stop the contents of the window being updated by the live video stream. Note that clicking in the window with the left mouse button (to clear the image) automatically releases the `Pause' button.

The save button may be used to save the current slice image to disk in a ppm file.

View a movie of a real-time slice (570 Kbytes).