Repanorama Window

This window enables you to review previously recorded panorama data sets. Like the `Panorama' window, it is only useful for visualising data that has been acquired all in the same plane. The spatial arrangement of such a data set can be seen in this example, illustrated using two different viewing angles in the `Outline' window.

The Outline Window

This picture shows how all the images have been taken in approximately the same plane.

The Outline Window

Here is the `Repanorama' window itself.

The Repanorama Window

There is a slider to permit control of the distance over which gaps will be filled between the segments taken from each of the images. This can be set to 0, in which case it will be determined automatically as a function of the movement of the probe between each pair of slices.

There is also a `Save' button to enable image ppm files to be saved.

Note that if image registration has been applied, this window will show the registered data, not the original data. This can be used to remove the obvious probe pressure artfects in the example above, as illustrated here.