International Workshop on Shape, Contour and Grouping - May 26-29 1998, Sicily

Scientific Program and Proceedings

The International Workshop on Shape, Contour and Grouping in Computer Vision will be held at Torre Artale near Trabia in the province of Palermo, Sicily from 26 to 29th May 1998. The following information will explain how to get there by plane, ship, train or taxi.

About the place:

How to reach Palermo:

Palermo has an international airport and port and is linked to mainland Italy by train/ferry. Sicily has a second international airport at Catania with links to Venice, Firenze and Verona.

Getting to Torre Artale:

The conference meeting hall and residence is located on a remote hill near the coast of Bagheria at the foot of a Norman tower.

Further information and help:

For any problem concerning the local arrangements participants are welcome to contact:
Vito Di Gesù +39 91 6040419
Cesare Valenti +39 91 6040412
Dipartimento di Matematica ed Applicazioni
Via Archirafi, 34
90123 Palermo - Sicily, ITALY
Fax +39 91 6165425