Abstract for yow_bmvc95

Proceedings 5th British Machine Vision Conference. Vol. 2, pp 701-710. 1995


Kin Choong Yow and Roberto Cipolla

July 1995

This paper describes a method to detect and locate human faces in an image given no prior information about the size, orientation, and viewpoint of the faces in the image. This method uses a family of Gaussian derivative filters to search and extract human facial features from the image and then group them together into a set of partial faces using their geometric relationship. A belief network is then constructed for each possible face candidate and the belief values updated by evidences propagating through the network. Different instances of detected faces are then compared using their belief values and improbable face candidates discarded. The algorithm is tested on different instances of faces with varying sizes, orientation and viewpoint and the results indicate a 91% success rate in detection under viewpoint variation.

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