Abstract for jourlin_sigir99

Proc. ACM SIGIR 99 (Berkeley, California, August 1999)


P. Jourlin, S.E. Johnson, K. Sparck Jones & P.C. Woodland

August 1999

This paper presents the results from adding several forms of query expansion to our retrieval system running on several sets of transcriptions of broadcast news from the 1997 TREC-7 spoken document retrieval track.

Retrieving documents which originated as speech is complicated by the presence of errors in the transcriptions. If some method of increasing retrieval performance despite these errors could be found, then even low-accuracy automatically generated transcriptions could be used as part of a successful spoken document retrieval (SDR) system. This paper presents results using four query expansion techniques described in previous work on 8 different sets of transcriptions generated for the 1997 TREC-7 SDR evaluation.

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