Abstract for james_icassp94

To appear in Proc. ICASSP 1994, Adelaide, Australia.


D. A. James & S. J. Young


Practical applications of wordspotting, such as spoken message retrieval and browsing, require the ability to process large amounts of speech data at speeds many times faster than real-time. This paper presents a novel approach to this problem in which all of the stored audio material is preprocessed off-line to generate a phoneme lattice. At search time, putative word matches are found in this lattice using symmetric dynamic programming. The paper presents the details of the algorithms used and compares performance with a number of conventional approaches using a 20 keyword vocabulary on the DARPA Resource Management Task. The results show that the proposed method is very much faster yet performs acceptably compared to conventional systems which depend on keyword-specific training or prior knowledge of the test set vocabulary.

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